Plan Your Visit

What time is everything?


  • Fellowship & Coffee – 9am
  • Small Groups – 9:45am (All ages)
  • Worship – 11am (childcare available for kids 0-4yrs)

Wednesday Night Activities for All Ages – 6pm

  • Preschool (0-4yrs): We would love to have your children join our classes with fun activities and bible lessons available while parents/guardians are attending small groups and/or service.
  • Kids Crew (grades K-5):Fun games, activities, and bible lessons.
  • Outward Student Ministry (grades 6-12):A mix of games, service activities, and bible study. Our students love to fellowship and do something meaningful.
  • Adult Bible Study: Pastor Jared teaches as we dive deep into study and conversation on various scriptures or topics. We also have a focused prayer night once a month.

Where do I go?

The main entrance is located right under the long awning if you are coming from the parking lot behind the church. After entering you will be able to see the signage pointing you to the welcome desk and coffee to your right. If you are still trying to find your way feel free to ask someone, we’re friendly and happy to help!

What is it like?

In Sunday worship the music is a blend of contemporary songs and traditional hymns. Our main focus is to delight in and worship God for how amazing He is.

The preaching is usually expository, which means our goal is to “expose” or bring out what’s in the text of the Bible. Often, we will go through a series or book of the Bible from beginning to end with an occasional sermon on a specific topic. By connecting the text of the Bible week to week we believe this helps people get the big picture of the Bible and how it applies to our lives.

Dress has a broad range. Some wear suits, some do business casual, and some do more casual. The most important thing to wear is a heart ready to meet with God.

Preschool is excited to teach your children about Jesus.  We have inviting classrooms with many toys and activities that are sure to keep them happy while you are focusing on God’s word. We also have recently refreshed and updated the rooms for preschool and kids ministry classes.

Kids Ministry is so much fun. Our team goes all out to teach kids the Bible in an engaging and fun way. There are all kinds of activities, crafts, and theme nights.

Our Student Ministry is passionate about serving others and growing together as a community. They often engage in service projects, play games, and have great leaders who walk them through “Gospel Project” and “The Life” Bible studies. Trips have been limited during COVID, but they are itching to get back out on the road for some fun adventures when all this settles down.

Small Groups are a great way to get to know people in the church. They are a time to encourage one another, engage in discussion, and study the Bible. We have small groups for all ages on Sunday mornings.

Covid-19 Guidelines?

We are back to doing all our activities. We are still encouraging masks, social distancing, and other safety guidelines. The executive order requires them in all public spaces and the individual is personally responsible for this compliance.

If you have a different conviction, we ask you to be respectful and keep a good distance from those who may have concerns and sit in the balcony for Sunday Worship service. If you would like to attend online you may click on one of the online options.

If you are sick, have fever, tested positive for COVID-19 or have been exposed to COVID-19 in the past 14 days, please stay home and watch online. Those at high risk are also encouraged to attend online if they haven’t been fully vaccinated for two weeks.