Small Groups / Sunday School Classes

Small Groups / Sunday School classes that take place at 9:45am provide an important opportunity to connect and build the relationships that help you plug into a church family. They also enable you to engage in deeper discussions as you study God’s Word in a group setting.

Home Builder's

Co-Ed and Couples

Location: Middle of the 2nd Floor

An open class that welcomes individuals and couples of all ages for Sunday morning Bible study and frequent fellowship socials.


Co-Ed and Couples

Location: Room 218 on the 2nd floor

This class ranges from graduates to younger couples. The name comes from Acts 17:11 where they “searched the scriptures” to see if what they heard was true.



Location: Room 119 across from the small chapel.

A Bible study class for adult women of all ages. They teachers rotate regularly and the work hard to keep in touch with their class members.


Co-Ed and Couples

Location: Room 215 in the corner of the building over the children’s wing.

A focused Bible study for men and women of all ages. We study and discuss one book of the Bible per quarter.

Outward Students

Grades 6-12

Location: 2nd Floor to the left of the Homebuilders Class.

We are open to grades 6-12th. Our emphasis is on God, spiritual growth, support for both students & parents, service, and fellowship.

UBC Kids

Grades 1-5

Location: in the children’s wing.

Our goal is to introduce children to Jesus Christ and to the lay the foundations for them to grow in the Lord.

Truth Seekers


Location: Small Chapel to the left of the awning entrance

This class presents a close study of scripture and supplemented by the insights of many mature Christian men and women who are “young at heart.”

Action Class


Location: Room 214 on the 2nd floor over the children’s wing

Active class discussion, regular lessons, with a personal touch.

Senior Men's

Senior Men’s Class

Location: in a room on the back right of the fellowship hall

This a class of senior men who love to get together for fellowship.


9:45am – From 0 years to Kindergarten

11am (During Service) – For Ages 0-4 years

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